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Tower Defense Gamings – technique games Dream games. Real-time strategy.

Tower Protection Gamings – strategy video games.

Play the timeless Tower Protection video game in the world of Slavic mythologists. Beat three unique Managers and also save the ancient world.

If you are a fan of the real-time strategy style, after that Tower Defense – technique video games is definitely for you.

The action happens during the light of three moons, on the holy land, which was safeguarded by the ancient gods. The darkness that originated in the deep caverns multiplied, enhanced as well as began to attack the holy lands.

The funding has already been ruined, however there is a possibility for triumph. Mirror opponent assaults as well as rebuild the city. Just YOU can stop bad in the definitive battle.

Reflect attacks in woodlands, swamps as well as old cities, in the snowy north, and also in the wonderful world. Don’t allow the adversary damage the main haven of the Slavs! Update defensive towers, apply magic and also use the hero, set traps, call assistants, you have the power to win, the main thing is to use it correctly!

Reconstruct the damaged city and also you will gain a benefit over your enemies. Shake your hero in battle royale and also use all his might on the battleground.


* 70 levels.
* Orcs, goblins, witches, spirits, giants, zombies, titans and also numerous enemies.
* Hero – whose Spirit can be summoned any time.
* Managers at the end of degrees.
* 3 super bosses at the end of each location.
* A multitude of cards.
* Sensational locations – forests, overload, old city, winter north and also a wonderful globe.
* Leveling hero
* Remediation of the destroyed city.

In Tower Protection Gamings -method games you can free the globe from evil and also possibly you will be venerated by the descendants of a great human being as a deity!

What’s New in the most up to date Variation 4.8

Last updated on Apr 26, 2023
Insect repairs, boosted security.

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