The Battle of Polytopia

About The Fight of Polytopia

Turn based method video game. Construct a world and also take it into fight!

The Battle of Polytopia is a turn based people strategy game regarding controlling the map, fighting adversary people, uncovering colonies and mastering brand-new technologies. You handle the role as the leader of a tribe and also effort to build a world in a turn based technique competitors with the other tribes. It can be played offline why the game is additionally suitable for taking a trip.

With numerous installs, this video game has actually ended up being a prominent civilization design method games for mobile and also it delivers a smooth user interface and also deepness in critical game play.


* Free turn based civilization approach video game.
* Solitary & multiplayer approach.
* Multiplayer matchmaking (Discover gamers all over the globe).
* Mirror Matches. (Meet opponents with the exact same tribe).
* Multiplayer Live view.
* 4x (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, as well as eXterminate).
* Expedition, strategy, farming, building, warfare and modern technology study.
* 3 video game modes– Excellence, Dominance and also Innovative.
* Diplomacy – Make Peace treaties & Build Embassies.
* Invisible Cloaks and Daggers for Stealth attacks.
* Variety of various people with one-of-a-kind nature, culture and video game experience.
* Auto created maps make each video game a brand-new experience.
* Enable offline video game play.
* Player Avatars.
* Game play in picture as well as landscape mode.
* Strategy multiplayer & Pass & Play.
* Leader board with top ratings for the best people contractors.
* Truly Cute reduced poly graphics.
What’s New in the current Version
Last upgraded on Feb 7, 2023.

Collision fixes.