Impression on Hay Day

Back to standard farming games in Hay Day.

Ten years back, Hay Day was established as well as published by Supercell as a timeless freemium mobile farming video game. Today, it still has several hardcore fans throughout the globe. In fact, there are numerous farming games like Hay Day that are regularly arising over the last few years, such as Town. Allow’s have a review on Hay Day now.


If you are interested in informal video games, you have to know something regarding farming video games. Altogether, in farming video games, what you require to do is to elevate chickens and cows, plant wheat or rice, create bread, and also redeem lands. In Hay Day, at first, you only have a tract, however lots of items will be offered totally free, like Bakeshop as well as Feed Mill. I’m sure you will certainly be soon accustomed to this gameplay under thorough assistance.


Unlike other farming simulation games, Hay Day does not have numerous maps like amusements or play areas. Your farmland is the only map, which truly an unique factor. If you like a lite video game version and just intend to plant and also harvest, it is an excellent choice. By the way, it is surprised that Hay Day hasn’t upgraded this part encountering numerous similar video games.

Alongside, shade is also a vital part of casual games. In Hay Day, color saturation as well as color matching are quite excellent. Without selecting also intense colors, this suit resembles a real farmhouse.

Exactly how to Play

There is a total of 6 parts to Hay Day. The very first one is a telephone symbol on the left bottom, including all materials you need to make. After that, examine the information in Mailbox. The three-person icon stands for that you can visit your buddies’ houses by clicking their icons. Last is about coins and also diamonds. You can get even more coins and also rubies with cash, and get diamonds only via finishing jobs.

Last, there isn’t any adv in Hay Day until now. Players can entirely take pleasure in the simulation progression. After you plant wheat or soybean, you have to await mins to harvest, or you can accelerate their growth rate with rubies. Yet I prefer just waiting.

Final thought

It is not difficult to play and also aware of Hay Day gameplay even if you are an eco-friendly hand, right? As I stated before, from my perspective, Hay Day resembles a lite version, which saves several unnecessary amusements as well as tasks. As well as there is no lag on my Google phone when I am hopping in between my home as well as my friends. If you additionally wish to set up as well as attempt a top-level informal farming video game, Hay Day deserves a shot.


– It resembles a lite version: without way too many unnecessary activities

– With no lean on in-app acquisition


– Intend to reduce a tree? One ruby