Ice Scream 5 Review: Save Your Pals with Brainstorms

A timeless terrible game you should experience.

As an advanced episode of the Ice Cream collection, Ice Scream 5 Buddies: Mike’s Journeys uses players much more interesting stories that are based on the last season. Released by Keplerians Horror Games, the initial variation of Ice Scream collection was launched in 2019. Hence, we can see how warm as well as prominent the collection is according to its quick rate of update.

Whether you are a noob or a professional in all dreadful games, we will certainly offer a thorough introductory to you initially to aid you understand the whole story and gameplay swiftly.

What’s completion of Ice Scream 4

Mentioning Ice Scream 4, it ends right now that Rod came and turned up at the last minute, and now you as well as your buddies are shed in the factory individually. Your main goal is to conserve them as well as get away from the manufacturing facility together, leaving and also beating Rod. Switching characters between Mike and also J is your last chance to live.

Just how to Play

There are no large changes in Ice Scream 5 based on a similar plot. So you do not need to fret even if you are a noob.

At first, compared to other scary video games, Ice Scream 5 has quite clear interface and excellent FPS, which may significantly heighten gamers’ video game experience to some extent. On your left hand of the display is a line of social platforms where you can develop your friends and also share your current progression with other players.

There are just three switches left. The first one is Settings. Gamers can establish audio volume, music volume, video camera sensitivity, and also many more functions. By the way, a total amount of 8 languages are provided consisting of English, Chinese, French, Portuguese, German, and also more. The 2nd one is Tips which includes two parts, Problems, and Items. Problems show the essential places you must find in the video game, and also Products are things you require when you come to the selected areas. After that, you can touch PLAY to start your game.

Game Modes

There are four levels you can choose, Ghost, Easy, Regular, and Hard. Actually, many large distinctions between these 4 levels. For instance, in the Typical, your opponents can see and also hear you as well as fast action. While in the Ghost mode, those adversaries can not see you, so you can concentrate on challenges. Nonetheless, due to reduced difficulty, there are numerous advertisements that will certainly appear suddenly. Therefore, we suggest gamers question around the game and try to find tips. In the Easy setting, adversaries can see you however they move very slowly. You can completely leave from them. And in this setting, ads will be fewer!

Besides settings, gamers can also discover tips and items by watching advertisements if they have no chance to do it.

Some Tips Athletes Need to Know

As we stated before, in the Ice Scream 5, you can switch Mike for J. Just how to switch over? It’s very easy. Find the control area and also call the various other( displayed in the image).

Besides, Mike and also J have different tasks to complete. By tapping Things, you will certainly know what you require to find.

The most important is players can not collect tools you locate with each other. You can take one product whenever. Remembering areas where things are positioned is a great way to finish the video game faster.

Final thought

From my perspective, Ice Scream 5 is a lot more like a puzzle video game, not a dreadful one, as well as those ghosts in the game are not so terrifying. Additionally, if you have no idea concerning discovering essential products, you can search for some tutorials on Youtube or various other platforms. Numerous specialists agree to share their game videos on their homepages.


Clearer interfaces

Not easy to pass all degrees


Too many advertisements in the Ghost setting

Getting rid of ads requires HK$ 19.90.