Google Meet APK 2022.05.31.452076471.Release

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1 How to Use the Google Meet App?2 Google Meet App Features3 Google Meet Download3.1 Google Meet for Android3.2 Google Meet for iOS3.3 Google Meet App for Mac4 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)4.1 Is Google Meet free?4.2 What is Google Meet?4.3 How to install Google Meet?4.4 What is the difference between Google Meet and Google Hangouts?4.5 How long does a Google Meet link last?
Google Meet APK 2022.05.31.452076471.Release
Name Google Meet
Updated Dec 16, 2021
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2022.05.31.452076471.Release
Size 52.47 Mb
Category Business
Developer Google LLC
Price Free
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Introducing, Google Meet – the all professional conference and video meeting tool created by Google. With this tool, anyone can immediately cost a conference call or session with anyone in the world.


Not only is this application super simple to understand, but because almost everyone has a Google or Gmail account, it’s also massively accessible.

How to Use the Google Meet App?

Using the Google Meet App is fairly easy to understand. You simply need to send a link between users.

The host will send over a link to begin the meeting, and anyone with the link can immediately join and participate.

Google Meet App Features

  • Stay Safe – Every meeting is done virtually. During the time of social distancing, this is definitely a great way for anyone to host their own business oriented concessions. Additionally, the app is full of layers of protected that is constantly being updated.
  • Large Meetings – You can even host large numbers of people in a meeting at once. Depending on the platform, it can be a little as 60 people, and as large as 250 at one time. Furthermore, regardless of if they are a part of your team or firm, anyone can easily be invited.
  • Ease of Access – There are a ton of different compatible devices, whether it be the mobile app, website, or Google Meet extension. Simply send a link from one device, and anyone using Google Meet can join and begin their video sessions.
  • Screen Sharing – Users can share their screen with others to present important details to their teams. There is even a Google Meet grid view option for more accessibility and convenience.
  • Record – Maybe your meeting needs to be memorized. That’s no issue, everything can be recorded and viewed for later. Everything is easily accessible to all users.
  • Event Broadcasts – Various events for teams, businesses, and more can be broadcasted and viewed by others. So, even if you don’t need to speak directly with your members, you can still set up a broadcast for them to view and understand the details of your meeting.

Google Meet Download

There are multiple sources to download the Google Meet App, so no one needs to feel left out. Continue reading below to check out which device is most suitable for you to begin your meetings and sessions for business.

Google Meet for Android

The Android download for Google Meet can be easily accessed via the Google Play store. We have listed the link to the Google Play Store here:

In addition, you can also get the APK file for the application as well. In order to do this, you will need to follow a few extra steps…

  • Allow Unknown Sources on your device. Go to your Settings > Security and then Unknown Sources.

Google Meet for iOS

Getting Google Meet for iPhone and iOS devices is also easy. Just head to the App Store and find the download link from there. Or, you can follow this link:


The Google Meet App for PC should already be available. Additionally, you can also access the application through Google Suite. Nonetheless, this is probably the easiest method of obtaining the video meeting application.

Here is a link to the extension:

Google Meet App for Mac

The same can be said for Mac devices. You can access the Google Meet extension, the same way as you would with your PC. In addition, you could also download the app via the Apple App Store.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Google Meet free?

Yes, and no: anyone who already owns a Google account can instantly start using Google Meet and its app equivalents. All users of the app will be able to video met with up to 100 people at a time for as long as 60 minutes at a given time.


However, you will need to have a Google Suite account, which does have a monthly subscription.

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet is an easy solution to calling and setting up video meetings with various users across the globe. Simply have a pre-scheduled date on your calendar, find the link, enter the code for your meeting, and then begin a video-call. Additionally, you’ll also be able to call via phone number if the number has been included in the meeting invitation.

How to install Google Meet?

There are many different methods to installing Google Meet to your various devices. We have already listed the ways to do this, above. Regardless, here is a quick gist of what was already said before, as well as the various devices that allow Google Meet:

  • Android devices (Phone + Tablet) – Google Play Store
  • iPhone and other iOS devices– Apple App Store
  • Windows PC and Mac – Via Extension

What is the difference between Google Meet and Google Hangouts?

The difference of between Google Meet and Hangouts is in the context and application of each. Hangouts is the more casual approach to connecting with other users across the globe. On the other hand, Google Meet is made for conferencing and setting up video call meetings with others.


How much does Google Meet cost?

In order to set up and host your own meetings and sessions using Google Meet, you will need to have a Google Suite account. This paid subscription account will cost around $6 per month, at the most basic plan. On the other hand, anyone with a normal Google account can join a video session.

How long does a Google Meet link last?

If a link has been created with Google Calendar, it will last for up to 90 days. However, if the link has been created using Google Classroom, or any Education account, then it will last for as long as the last person is still available.