Asia Realm

About Asia Empire

Lead your realm in an empire structure turn based approach war game

Come to be the greatest leader of the Asian Empire!
Select your nation you wish to lead (50 nations available!) and bet the clever AI enemies. With excellent management skills, method and strategies, you could lead your nation to the win.

Do you have what it takes?

It is the year 2027 and also a huge uprising took the present federal government.
As the new leader, your objective is to ultimately become the supreme leader.
Utilizing everything from diplomacy to war, you must aim to build an empire, both financially as well as militarily above all others.
Are you prepared to lead, Supreme Leader?

Diplomacy and also United Nations
Weapon suppliers (United States, EU, Russia as well as China).
Spy Center.
Battle Area.
World News (Economy, Relations, Spy as well as Battle).
Artificial Intelligence.

Available Weapons:.
Mercenaries, Armored personnel carrier (APC’s), Tanks, Weapons, Anti-Air Missiles, Helicopters, Competitor Jets, Ships, Submarines, Combating Robots, Unmanned Aerial Automobiles (UAV’s), Aircraft Carriers and also Ballistic missiles.

Based on real information, the video game is created to think about countless feasible scenarios.

The game support likewise hotseat multiplayer alternative approximately 8 gamers from the very same device.
Each gamer plays in his turn, handle his nation and also can send external messages to various other players in the game.

Good luck with your objective Leader!