Age of Anatolia( Idle Tycoon)

Regarding Age of Anatolia

Age of Anatolia: Idle Magnate – Rule historic Anatolian fights, win glory!

Age of Anatolia: Hyper Idle Tycoon – Are you all set to win success by leading the nation you desire in the historic Anatolian wars? Check your method and monitoring abilities with this one-of-a-kind idle tycoon game, Age Of Anatolia, including battles in three different ages! Sign up with impressive struggles by handling the Turks, Crusaders, and also other countries!

Choose Your Nation: Pick in between the Turkish flag or the Crusader flag as well as establish your very own side.
3 Different Periods: 1st Period (12-13th century) Kayı Beylik and Crusaders, second Age (14-15th century) Ottoman and Byzantine, third Age (18-19th century) Republic as well as Russian soldiers.
Various Soldier Devices: Swordsmen, archers, spearmen, axemen, Javelin throwers, and a lot more.
Special Outdoors Tents: Upgrade each military unit’s unique outdoor tents to transform your soldiers into cavalry.
Idle Magnate Dynamics: Make revenue by cutting timber, storing resources, deploying soldiers, and operating in golden goose.
Gold as well as Ruby Resources: Gather gold and also diamond sources in the game to update your special soldiers.

Age of Anatolia, as a still mogul video game, will make you the leader of historical battles in Anatolian lands! Make income by cutting wood and also working in gold mines at the start. In later degrees, use your approach as well as monitoring abilities by opening up the camping tents of different soldier types and deploying soldiers for gold to come to be a leader in history!

Record success on the battleground, develop a powerful empire with the country of your option, and also leave a memorable mark in Anatolian lands! Join Age of Anatolia: Hyper Idle Magnate now and also appreciate the taste of fabulous fights!